Continental ExtremeFlex Petroleum Transfer Hose

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This hose is an extreme flexible and lightweight drop hose for use in a tank truck and in-plant operation to transfer diesel, ethanol, gasoline, oil and petroleum-based products with up to 50% aromatic content. It has a corrugated construction for lower drag coefficient and superior abrasion resistance.

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Continental ExtremeFlex Chemical Transfer Hose Specifications

Construction Tube
Nitrile Synthetic Rubber (APRM Class A (High Oil Resistance).
Chemivic Synthetic Rubber (Corrugated).
Spiral-Piled Synthetic Fabric with wire helix.
Temperature Range
-40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C)

Size Specific Specifications:

Size Pressure Temperature O.D. I.D. Weight/ft


250 PSI

-40°F to 200°F



.99 lbs/ft
3" 200 PSI -40°F to 200°F  3.56" 3" 1.77 lbs/ft