1" x 8 ft XLPE Chemical Hose Assembly

XLPE Chemical Hose Assembly | 1" x 8 ft Continental Viper | Stainless Camlocks

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Our Pre-assembled Modified XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) Chemical Transfer Hose is the perfect chemical-resistant hose for your application.

  • 1" x 8 Ft | Continental Viper Modified XLPE Hose.

  • Continental Instalock Camlocks: Type E Male by Type C Female.

Need a different configuration? Build your own custom hose assembly here.


For the transfer of a variety of industrial chemicals used today.  Used in pressure, gravity flow and/ or suction service. Hose may be cleaned using open-end steam, up to 50 psi or in a bath containing 10% Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), up to 212°F (100°C).

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Continental Viper Chemical Transfer Hose Specifications

Construction Tube
Beige Alphasyn modified cross-linked polyethylene (modified XLPE)
Black Omegasyn abrasion-resistant EPDM with white spiral stripe.
Spiral-plied synthetic fabric with double wire helix.
Temperature Range
-40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)

Size Specific Specifications:

Size Pressure Temperature O.D. I.D. Weight/ft


200 PSI

-40°F to 250°F



0.53 lbs/ft
1.5" 200 PSI -40°F to 250°F  1.95" 1.5" 0.74 lbs/ft
2" 200 PSI -40°F to 250°F 2.54" 2" 1.16 lbs/ft
3" 200 PSI -40°F to 250°F 3.59" 3" 1.82 lbs/ft