The Eaton Boston Jaguar Hose Cross References with the Continental Extremeflex Petroleum Hose

Depending on your application, the Extremeflex Petroleum hose fits where the Eaton Boston Jaguar HD Petroleum has been used. Please verify using the specifications below and/or with our Chemical Compatibility Tool. *See disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Continental Extremeflex Hose Assembly

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Continental ExtremeFlex Chemical Transfer Hose Specifications

Construction Tube
Nitrile Synthetic Rubber (APRM Class A (High Oil Resistance).
Chemivic Synthetic Rubber (Corrugated).
Spiral-Piled Synthetic Fabric with wire helix.
Temperature Range
-40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C)

Size Specific Specifications:

Size Pressure Temperature O.D. I.D. Weight/ft


250 PSI

-40°F to 200°F



.99 lbs/ft
3" 200 PSI -40°F to 200°F 3.56" 3" 1.77 lbs/ft

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*Disclaimer: This information should only be used as a guide and we recommend that you verify all uses with your application using our Chemical Compatibility Tool, or by contacting one of our Chemical Hose Experts. The cross reference information provided comes from a major manufacturer who has gathered this information from actual tests and other data considered reliable. or any of our companies assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this information under varied conditions found in field use.