1.5" x 10 ft XLPE Chemical Hose Assembly

XLPE Chemical Hose Assembly | 1.5" x 10 ft Alfagomma T-505OG | Stainless Camlocks

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Our Pre-assembled XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) Chemical Transfer Hose is the perfect, budget-conscious chemical-resistant hose for your application.

  • 1.5" x 10 Ft | Alfagomma T505 OG Modified XLPE Hose.

  • Continental Instalock Camlocks: Type E Male by Type C Female.

Need a different configuration? Build your own custom hose assembly here.


For the transfer of a variety of industrial chemicals used today.  Suction and transfer service for a variety of chemicals and solvents. Will handle 90% of existing chemicals. To verify if this hose will work for your application, please use our chemical compatibility tool.

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XLPE Green Chemical Transfer Hose Specifications

Construction Tube

Transparent XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene).
Green EPDM – abrasion and ozone resistant.
High tensile textile cords and 4 highly flexible steel helix wires.
Temperature Range
Normal recommended operating temperature is -40°F (-20°C) to 176°F (+80°C)

Size Specific Specifications:

Size Pressure Temperature O.D. I.D. Weight/ft


240 PSI

-40°F to 176°F



0.56 lbs/ft
1.5" 240 PSI -40°F to 176°F  1.97" 1.5" 0.76 lbs/ft
2" 240 PSI -40°F to 176°F 2.48" 2" 1.00 lbs/ft
3" 240 PSI -40°F to 176°F 3.62" 3" 1.83 lbs/ft